Simple, and easy

Easy to use, no-registration

Getting yourself on board is as simple as downloading an app.
Getting yourself hooked is as simple as using it.

Hide real IP address

Change your location to anywhere in the world

Thousands of VPN servers around the world. You can choose any of them to suit your needs.

Stable and fast

Connect to the network with a faster and stable VPN proxy

Smart connection with unlimited bandwidth, faster speeds, lower ping and a better gaming/streaming experience.

Online Privacy & Security

Fast VPN secures your internet data with 256-bit encryption Bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology. Hide your personal IP address and keep anonymous online.

Access all apps without block

Servers all around the world for you to access all the Internet freely. Netflix US, Netflix JP, BBC iPlayer, PUBGM, CODM,

Strict ZERO Logs.

We do not store your original IP address. We do not log how you use Fast VPN connection. We do not sell, use, or disclose any personal data. You are safe with Fast VPN.